Cellar Doors

Specifications for Pedestrian Sidewalk Door
Sidewalk door shall be a steel door manufactured by Jersey Steel Doors, Newark, NJ. Door panels will be fabricated of 3/16′′ diamond plate steel designed and reinforced to support a 300 lb/sf live load with a maximum deflection of 1/150th of span. The frame will be of 3′′ x 3′′ x 1/4′′ angle iron with all seams welded and ground smooth. Doors will open past vertical and rest on the frame. The right door panel will have a steel handle made from 3/8′′ round bar stock. The entire assembly will be primed with a shop primer and have one coat of oil based black paint.

Optional Features

-Inside or outside padlock tabs (specify location)
-Flange turned up at one end to provide anchor point at building
-Use of 3′′ x 4′′ x 1/4′′ angle iron frame
-Hold open rod
-Safety chain in front of opening