Perforated Door Specifications

  1. Operation
    Doors to be manual push-up operated; chain hoist operated using gear reduction and galvanized handchain; awning crank with removable arm; motor operated.
  2. Mounting
    To be inferior face mounted on a prepared opening; interior mounted between jambs on steel tubes by Jersey Steel Doors.
  3. Work Not Included
    Opening preparation, access panels, finish or field painting, electrical wires, wiring, disconnect switches, mounting of controls, conduit are in scope of the work of other sections or trades.
  4. Curtains
    Galvanized curtains are to be fabricated staggered .074 x .112 or 3/32 x 9/64 perforations.
  5. Endlocks
    The end of alternate (continuous) slats shall be fitted with (malleable iron) endlocks to act as a wearing surface in the guides and prevent lateral movement of slats.
  6. Bottom Bar
    Bottom bar shall consist of two galvanized steel angles (aluminum or stainless steel) of equal weight and size, one on each side.
  7. Counterbalance Shaft
    Shall be furnished with oil tempered helical torsion springs having a 25% safety factor. Springs to be fixed to tapered cast anchors, permanently lubricated, mounted on a single solid torsion rod. Torsion rod to be attached to spring tension adjustment wheel. Assembly to be housed in steel pipe shaft of adequate diameter, deflection not to exceed .015″ per foot of span.
  8. Brackets
    Brackets are to be of steel. Sealed ball bearings to support the counter balance assembly. Brackets to form end closures and support hoods (if below soffit or ceiling installation, hood required).
  9. Hoods
    (omit if above ceiling or soffit) Are to be fabricated of 24 gauge galvanized steel (24 gauge stainless steel) (#20 B&S gauge aluminum) and reinforced at top and bottom with rolled flanges. Provide intermediate hood supports over 14′-0″ width.
  10. Locking
    Of manual push-up (crank) doors to be by means of slide bolt locking device operable from inside and outside. Motor operated doors to include self-locking gearing plus chain locking device for emergency handchain.
  11. Finish
    For aluminum surfaces is to be mill (clear anodized) (Duranodic bronze). Stainless steel to be #4 satin finish. Steel surfaces are to be painted one shop coat of rust inhibiting primer.
  12. Erection
    All doors shall be erected by the manufacturer or his authorized representative having a minimum of five (5) years experience in the installation of similar type doors. Install bracing and supports as necessary to rigidly secure door operating equipment.

Optional Features

  1. Motor Operation
    To be integral assemblies with NEMA rated electrical components, Model, consisting of high torque motor, braking system, self-locking gearing, emergency chain operator with disconnect and electrical safety interlock, internal reversing magnetic controller, push-button station with open-close-stop, internal pre-wiring. Motor may be removed for service without affecting emergency chain operation or limit switch settings.
  2. Safety Edge
    To be furnished on motor operated doors, which upon contact with obstruction, are to stop and reverse the downward travel.
  3. Structural Steel Support Tubes
    In standard type weight, with floor seats, to be furnished by grille manufacturer, sized as required, pre-drilled for guides and brackets.
  4. Cylinder Locks
    To be provided, engaging at both ends (and at center of opening) concealed within bottom bar, operable one side (both sides) (one side with thumb turn opposite side)